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2019 Harbor Links Junior Tournament Series

The Junior Tournament Series is great for aspiring juniors who want to take their game to the next level. Our tour provides juniors with a real-life, competitive atmosphere, preparing them to play in tournaments for their high school team or bigger events, such as US Kids Golf Local Tours, MET PGA, IJGT, FCWT and AJGA. It’s a great opportunity for kids who are interested in playing in competitive golf, to see what it’s like, and get a sense of the atmosphere for competition.
For the first time this year, the older and more experienced kids will be able to compete on the 18-hole Championship Course


1.  All competitors must submit and pass a Rules Quiz in order to be able to compete in this series. 
2.  CLICK HERE to download the 2019 Rules Quiz.  Submit Rules Quiz to James at jhong@centurygolf.com.
3. After passing the test, please CLICK HERE for the enrollment form.  

Deadline for 8/23 tournament: 5:00 pm, 8/21

Junior Tournament Series (9 Hole)





FEE (Exec. Course/Cham. Course)

Friday, June 21th

4:00 pm

Shotgun start

Snacks, Drinks   $40/$50  

Friday, July 26th

2:00 pm

Tee Times

Snacks, Drinks   $40/$50  

Friday, August 23th

2:00 pm

Tee Times

Snacks, Drinks, BBQ


Friday, September 20th
4:00 pm Shotgun start Snacks, Drinks $40/$50

Contact Information:
James Hong, Director of Instruction: 516-767-4818 | jhong@palmergolf.com
Sonny DeFeo: 516-883-6072 | sdefeo@palmergolf.com
Forrest Hamlin: 516-767-4816, ext. 2351
Johnson Ko: 516-767-4818