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 Individual 1/2-Hour     $85    $80
 Series of 5 1/2-Hours     NA    $350 ($70/lesson)
 Individual 1-Hour    $165    $130
 Series of 5 1-Hours    $700 ($140/lesson)    $600 ($120/lesson) 
 Individual 1/2-Hour    $75    $70
 Series of 5 1/2-Hours    NA    $300 ($60/lesson)
 Individual 1-Hour    $150    $120
 Series of 5 1-Hours    $650 ($130/lesson)    $550 ($110/lesson)


2020 Harbor Links Teaching Staff


Director of Instruction




  • U.S. National Junior Team coach
  • Featured in November, 2016 GOLF DIGEST         
  • National Awards:
  •             - 2017-18 Golf Digest Top Teachers in State (NY)
                - 20
    14-17 GRAA Top 50 Teachers in America

                - 2012 US Kids Golf Top 50 Master Teacher 
                - 2009-11 U.S. Kids Golf Top 50 Teacher       

  • Certified in:
  •             - Aimpoint Express
                - Titleist Performance Institute Level 2 Coach
                - US Kids Golf Instructor
                - 4DMotion & KVest 3D Biomechanics

    Email: Jhong@palmergolf.com
    Phone: 516.767.4818
    Personal Teaching Philosophy: Ever wonder why you can't improve, or do what you’ve been told to do?  It’s because you are trying to fit a mold or model. There is NO ONE WAY to swing a club; you have YOUR way to swing consistently, based on what YOUR body allows you to do, not what a Tour Pro does. Using the latest technology (V1 video, Boditrak pressure mat, KVest, Flightscope radar launch monitor) everyone, from BEGINNER to ELITE golfer, can learn to play well.  None of my students swing the same way, which is why they all succeed ON THE COURSE, not just the range. We will spend time in the practice area making you swing better.  And then we will take it out on the course - yes, the course - to see if you PLAY BETTER too.





  • 15th season at Harbor Links
  • 25-year member of the PGA of America
  • Former first assistant at the Cedarbrook Club
  • Titleist certified Fittingworks fitter
  • Certified US Kids Golf Instructor
    E-mail: Fhamlin@palmergolf.com
    Tel.: 516-767-4817, x2351


    Personal Teaching Philosophy: While there are numerous ideas on how to swing a golf club, I believe the most effective way is to swing the golf club by its design.  A major part of the golf club's design is its LIE ANGLE.  It's this angle that creates the plane angle of the swing, what the clubhead's arc should prescribe.  When the student swings on the correct plane, the clubhead will swing correctly through the ball and turf resulting in the desired trajectory, accuracy and distance.






  • Honorable Mention for 2014, 2015, 2018, & 2019 U.S Kids Golf Top 50 Teachers 
  • 9th season as Teaching Professional
  • US Kids Golf Certified Instructor  
  • Future's Club Golf Instructor
  • Callaway Golf Staff Player

    E-mail: Sdefeo@Palmergolf.com
    Phone: 516-883-6072

    Personal Teaching Philosophy: 

    There are two key words that I will continue to use, “Trust” and “Patience”.  You must always TRUST what you are doing to accomplish a desired result.  There cannot be any doubt or lack of confidence as to what type of shot you want to pull off.  To understand this point you must have a tremendous amount of PATIENCE.  We all want to improve, but we must allow for some bumps along the way.  If a person is going through a swing change they must accept the fact it will not happen overnight.  But through PATIENCE and TRUST a player can improve significantly if hard work is put in.  




    E-mail: JKo@palmergolf.com